Alpha hardware speeds up financial calculations and models to less than an hour 

The client was running current financial calculations and models on legacy VAX clusters. He originally viewed the four hours it took to complete the calculations and generate the reports as acceptable since they were performed during the night and were completed before the start of business the next day. Over time, however, with the growth of the user community, the allowed completion window continually grew until it approached the morning deadline.

Evaluation of the clients system yielded the following results: The client's system was already running at an average 80%+ of capacity. At three peak periods during the day, the system markedly slowed down to accommodate a 95%+ load. 

The Digitask solution was to replace the legacy hardware with Alpha-based systems. The result was dramatic. Financial calculations and models were completed in less then half an hour. Reports no longer needed to be printed since they were now readily available online. In addition to the speed increase of the system, the enhanced disk farm also easily accommodated the current and expected data load.