Digitask Consultants' are leaders in OpenVMS Cluster design, performance optimization, consulting and applications

System Control through Configuration and Capacity Management

DIGITASK works with your system personnel to evaluate current computing and networking needs, determine projected growth, and set system configuration and capacity standards. We design and configure systems that meet your stringent performance, capacity, security and networking needs. We are cluster specialists for increased availability, scalability and manageability of mission-critical systems.

System and Database Tuning for Increased Performance

We have a unique combination of in-depth knowledge of application and database design and modeling technologies. This performance analysis expertise enables us to optimize your system's performance, pinpoint existing and potential hardware bottlenecks, recommend changes for improving interactive response times, advise you on the performance implications of future systems growth, specify application designs and use of third-party products. Our first-hand experience is the key to understanding the intricate interdependencies inherent in system-wide performance tuning. We implement tuned hierarchical, networked and relational databases for national and world-wide applications.

Systems Integration

We will apply our expertise in software development, real-time systems, global network applications and inter-processor communications for you. We will work with your software team to develop applications from initial requirements through implementation, testing and acceptance.

Systems Management

We specialize in effective system management, making your computing environment more responsive, productive and cost-effective. We excel in avoiding system management crises and in stabilizing your environment. Ask about our System Management retainer contracts. DIGITASK offers clients research and analysis to support strategic management of technology.

Design and Implementation Services

Our extensive experience and knowledge of application design, in conjunction with our parallel system development methodology, allows us to develop applications in a rapid development cycle thus requiring less of your development budget.

High Availability through Clustering

Digitask specializes in the benefits of clustering for speed and availability on VMS. The following cluster sections briefly discuss some of the theoretical concepts of clustering.

Clustering maintains uninterrupted service even when individual servers fail or are taken down for maintenance. Clustering multiple servers, will increase the processing power of the system for each server added -- as opposed to adding processors or memory to a single server, which does not necessarily result in a 1-for-1 performance increase.

The Chargeback Facility

This new Digitask-developed application allocates the business costs of VMS Hosts, Printers, and Disk Devices across Business Activities, Departments and Users. It is a reporting tool that provides a consolidated view of company-wide host usage patterns and associated costs. Upper management has easy access to both summary and detailed usage. They can view summary usage and accounting data for any or all departments and drill-down to view activity of individual users.

The uniqueness of this application is in the presentation and consolidation of accounting data from disparate hosts and applications. Accounting or IT managers can gather node and user activity information. The data is formatted into reports as global or as local as needed when reviewing usage. Managers can spot abnormal usage patterns and associated costs quickly and easily. While accounting is the primary functionality, other benefits include: