Raw Device Dump and Restore (rddr)

rddr is another new Digitask product. It has the ability to dump raw devices to, or restore raw devices from, a tape subsystem or a save-set file on disk. It can also do raw device disk-to-disk copies! It will dump or restore character special device files, LSM volumes and TruCluster DRD’s.

Currently there is no command-line-based raw-device dump and restore product on the market that is as fast as rddr. Other third-party raw-device dump and restore utilities are complex and require much time and effort to implement successfully. Digitask’s rddr is a server-independent, command-line-based interface that SIMPLIFIES this task.

Server independence means that a tape with a rddr save-set can be restored to another system at any location you choose. The only requirement is that the other system also be running Digitask’s rddr.

If you have a high-speed COMPAQ, SUN, HP or other UNIX server or workstation, you know the value of high-performance. The faster your dump or restore operation completes, the quicker system resources are released to run your database and application software.

Here are some rddr highlights: 



Automated backups

Script based unattended backups

Multiple server support

Dump and restore multiple systems simultaneously

Device independence

Supports most popular DAT and DLT tape subsystems

Browser based GUI

Drag and drop GUI planned for later versions

On disk save-sets

Allows a user to ftp dumps to remote locations

Command line based

Runs from any terminal or X Window